Our Services

Continental Valuations, Inc., provides real estate valuation services for the lending industry, private corporations, attorneys, CPAs and governmental entities.  Our services cover a wide variety of properties ranging from the commonplace to the special use.

Continental Valuations also provides appraisal services for litigation. These appraisals are frequently used in conjunction with eminent domain cases, to provide a valuation for a business appraisal, or in connection with fraud investigations.

 When a client has a problem involving the law or litigation, we are prepared to provide the expertise required.                                                                          

Continental provides appraisals and appraisal services for a variety of purposes such as tax appeal, for bankruptcy, to settle an estate or to buy or sell business assets.  We are in the business of collecting and analyzing real estate information.

Whatever the circumstances, “if it involves real estate, it is our business”.  Bob Domini