About Us

What Do We Stand For?

The professionals here at Continental Valuations have always been willing to go the extra mile for the client and for our own pride of workmanship.  If there is a choice to either make a quick profit or do the job right, we have always believed that it’s far better to do the job right.

What is our Business?

We are in the business of solving valuation problems.  In fact, we enjoy helping our clients make real estate decisions.

Our service areas include appraisals for mortgage lending, for tax appeal, for litigation or to solve corporate problems such as the sale of a company or a reorganization of the business.  Continental has performed appraisals for a wide variety of governmental entities ranging from federal agencies to state and local departments.

Our trade area for appraisals is primarily Ohio and Southeast Michigan, but we have also provided services in other states, including and beyond Florida.  Property types appraised range from corporate headquarters buildings, major CBD buildings, sprawling manufacturing complexes and country clubs to ordinary shopping centers, industrial facilities, offices and apartments.

“If it’s about real estate, it’s our business.” 

 Bob Domini