Representation – Consultation – Litigation

Our president, Robert D. Domini, MBA, MAI, specializes in working with clients to help them solve problems for litigation.  Mr. Domini enjoys thinking out of the box in order to find creative solutions to problems.  Often, the process involves a thorough review of case law before taking a position and writing a report, all in conjunction with the attorney.  This approach has proven to have positive results for the client.

What is the Best Litigation Appraisal?

The best litigation appraisal is one which settles the case.  A strong appraisal will often settle a case saving the need for a costly trial or mediation.  The best service we can provide to a client is one which solves their problem and saves time and money.  If your case does go to court, however, we stand ready to defend our appraisal with a firm grasp on the facts of the case both within the appraisal and all factors impacting the property.

Mr. Domini has appeared in both state and federal courts to defend his appraisals.  Yet, the best consultation and the best and most successful appraisal is one which prompts an out of court settlement with a favorable result for the client.